My name is Gina Barr. I’m the oldest of seven, and daughter of Pastor Keith and Isabelle Barr. After graduating Pontiac Central High School, I traveled with my father on the mission field to Nigeria. This trip deeply impacted my life and fueled me with a passion to serve others. I’ve also ministered across the country and in the Philippines and Canada.

In 2014, I was hired by the Michigan Republican Party to head the Detroit Office. I was promoted to Regional Field Director and have been over Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne County. In 2017, I was hired on by the RNC as the Urban Engagement Coordinator, and was quickly promoted to also head Women Engagement.

I became a Republican in High School once I realized that my moral foundation closely aligned with the Republican platform, and just as I opened the eyes of my family back then, I have succeeded in my career of persuading many others to see the light. Democrats don’t concede ground, and I won’t either. I have local, statewide, and national campaign experience, along with media training and exposure in front of and behind the camera. I’m determined to not only succeed in 2020, but to build on the Republican brand that can extend for greater victories for many cycles onward.

I’m also a published author and an artist with my paintings on display in a Detroit gallery.



  • While over the Detroit Office, Detroit votes increased for Governor Rick Snyder.

  • While Regional Field Director in 2016, Gina’s region of Wayne County produced more than 15,000 votes for Trump than Mitt Romney.

  • Became the head of Urban Engagement of the RNC in 2017.

  • Promoted by the RNC in 2018 as the head of Women Engagement.

  • Honored by Ted Cruz’s MAV PAC and received a Future 40 Award in 2018.

  • Honored by the Black Conservative Federation in 2018.

  • Nominated for Women in Advocacy Award.

  • Was sent to Florida in 2018 to secure the victory in Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott’s campaigns.

  • Served on the Issues Committee on the Michigan Republican Party State Committee.

  • 9 years as security supervisor at GM, managing a team of more than 30 people.

  • Other workforce experience includes time in retail, healthcare, and finance.

  • Graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts.

  • Graduate of Yale’s prestigious Women’s Campaign School.

  • Published Author of Things my Father Taught Me.

  • An accomplished artist with work displayed at the Fella Art Gallery in Detroit, MI.